Friday, 16 February 2018


I go racing as often as I can, you can't beat looking at the horses in the parade ring, evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of the horses on show first hand.

  • Then if you fancy a bet, (NOTE: You don't have to have a bet) go place the bet 
  • Then go to your best looking position, I go to the same spot in the stands
  • Watch your horse win or lose
Win or lose it should be an enjoyable day out , I remember when I first started going racing, my friend and mentor told me a little story.
"How much would you pay for a day out, at the seaside e.g. you can take that same amount of money go racing have one winner and it will cost less, it is also possible to have a great day out and come back in profit."

The most important thing is to enjoy your day out.

Updating my website takes a lot of my time, this blog is an extension of that.

We all want winners, but how likely is it to attain success every time, you would have to say impossible. Then you have to ask yourself what percentage would make you happy. most of the people I've asked say " a small profit would be nice but break even on the day"
For those expecting to get rich from this blog I suggest you pass, however if like me, you enjoy horse-racing and like to the idea of beating the bookie (no guarantees). With your input and comments we can give it our best shot. 

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